Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have an Open House to Sell Your Home???

Your have done all of the preparation to get your home on the market. De-cluttered, manicured the lawn, touched up the paint etc.  Your agent has taken the photos, loaded it on the MLS, added a virtual tour and you sit an await an offer.  The showings are not as many as you had hoped for. You have watched countless HGTV series that show Open Houses. So the question you have is....will an Open House sell my home?

The answer is most likely Not. 

Open Houses do have a tendency to work in a Housing Market where there is little Supply and allot of Demand. Our current housing market is quite the opposite with too much inventory to chose from.

Open Houses have also been known to open your property up to burglars who are merely scoping out the home.  Not only can this be a concern but they are also very dangerous.  There have been countless assaults, rapes, even murders as a result open houses.  The latest reported case this past week in Iowa.  Ashley Okland, a 27-year-old Realtor with Iowa Realty, died at a hospital Friday evening after receiving two gunshot wounds that afternoon in the model townhome at Stone Creek Villas, a relatively new community of homes built by Rottlund Homes.

Price your home right. Have a virtual tour. Make sure it is marketed on the Internet and your home should have an offer soon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Protesting Appraised Tax Value

If you live in Harris County you should have received your Notice of Appraised Value by now.  According to the letter that came with the Notice, Harris County did reduce 19% of the property values, leaving 73% unchanged and 8% increased in value.

It is very important that you look over this Notice as your Property Taxes are based on this value.  You have the opportunity to Protest this value before May 31, 2011.  The tax district is making it easier on us to protest by allowing this service online.  You can simply go to .  You will need your Account Number, the ifile number found on your notice plus any supportive data that will aid in determining the value is too high.  Supportive Data would include recent sales, sq foot is smaller then the appraisal district is showing, your property lacks items listed on the appraisal district or your property is in need of major repairs. Major repairs may include foundation, significant termite or mold damage. Please make note should you disclose this information to the Appraisal District it will become public knowledge and will follow your property for years to come.

If you have not filed your Homestead Exemption on your personal residence since you purchased it make sure to file this as well.  The form can be found at .

If you would like Comparable Sales for your property feel free to email me at .